Do it yourself e liquid


Things you should know

The main constituent of the e cigarettes is the e liquid. The e liquid consists of three main products, which are as follows:

  1. Propylene Glycol: This is used for giving the throat hit, which will satisfy you.
  2. Vegetable Glycerin: This helps in giving more amount of vapor to the e cigarettes.
  3. Nicotine liquid: This is available with PG and VG and sometimes with both. It can be used in different strength of the nicotine.

You can also add water or vodka and use PG and VG in your mixture for the taste. You can add nicotine for the strength and also make it nicotine free. Here are the nicotine levels, which are listed below which will make it easy to know whether to make your liquid strong or not

  • 0mg to 10mg: this is the lowest of all levels
  • 11mg to 16mg: this level is slightly higher than the previous level and is considered medium
  • 17mg to 24 mg: this level is high
  • 25mg to 36mg: this level is very high

It is advisable not to exceed 36mg as this very dangerous.


How to mix the flavor?

For mixing of the flavors, you need around 5% to 20% of the amount. It is advisable to use flavor with low amount of percentage. You can add a more amount depending on your taste. Here is an example of making your own flavor.

Choose an amount of making an e liquid (10ml, 15ml, and 30ml) and then choose the nicotine level (0mg, 6 mg, or18 mg). Add flavor to it according to your taste. Mix all these ingredients in the bottle and shake it well. You can take help of the e calculator if you are not sure about mixing these ingredients in right quantity and amount.


Mixing tools

While preparing your own e liquid, you should be familiar with the various measurements. For example, one ml is equal to one cubic centimeter. You can use 10 ml of Syringes with no needle attached to it for the help required in nicotine liquid and also the PG and VG. For each flavor, you can take the help of syringe and needle. Make sure you store the syringes and also the needle in a Tupperware container. You can also use a dropper, which will make it easy for you to measure the flavors.


E liquid calculators

With the help of e liquid calculators, you can check the nicotine level and amount required for the target nicotine level. This calculator helps in providing you the recipe for your e cigarettes, which is best suited for you. But it does not allow you PG and VG. You also have the option of bookmarking the page and also saving your recipe. There is another calculator, which is used by the customers for calculation of ten flavors. The other calculator also allows you to add and adjust the PG as well as VG.

E Liquid In The USA


To create a best quality of e liquid base is used to give a nice and smooth flavor. It comprises of PG and VG. These are then combined and mixed with the flavors. These flavors can be natural and also artificial. The nicotine present in the e liquid comes with different amounts of strengths ranging from none, low to high. People switch to e cigarettes so that they can reduce and quit smoking. If you are a heavy smoker, you will use around 15 ml of e juice within a week. E liquid is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavors and is also available in variety of flavors which are available on the internet.

Regular and Premium E liquids

Regular e liquids are comparatively cheaper than the premium e liquids. It consists of the following substances which are harmful for the health if inhaled

  • Acetone: Acetone has the tendency of reacting easily especially with Diacetyl.
  • Diacetyl: this substance is used when the manufacturer has to create a flavor of buttery. This substance can proved to be really harmful if it is inhaled for longer period of time. Generally it is not included in the e liquids.

It is made sure that the ingredients which are not too harmful are included in the producing of the e liquids. There is a usage of only highest quality of ingredients.


Premium e liquids are made by hand in the CANADA. While creating an e liquid it is kept in mind that the best of the products are used. PG and VG are used in the making of the highest and best quality of the e juice.


Key Components of E Liquid

One of the main components of e liquid is the taste of the e juice. The taste of the e liquid depends from person to person; if some are fond of menthol then some of them are also fond of chocolate. There are people who prefer the traditional flavor over the others. The other important component of the e liquid is the sensation which the people get from using the e cigarette. This is felt due to the presence of the nicotine as it gives the throat hit. E liquid also gives the right amount of vapor depending on the amount of vegetable glycerin present in the e cigarette. E liquid is made out of the finest and highest quality of the ingredients. It is made in USA and also in CANADA. Flavors can vary from cherry, mango, butterscotch and blueberry.


It is still not out that if the e cigarettes will help you decrease or reduce the addiction of nicotine. According to some organizations the e cigarettes will not help in reduction of the addiction to nicotine as it will only increase the level of addiction. They are also worried that it might increase addiction level among the teenagers who use the e cigarette for the first time without trying the actual cigarette.

Best E Juice


There are so many E juice manufacturers like MadVape, NickQuids, Vapor HQ, The Vape Kitchen, Glacial Vapor, ZuluVape, In the Clouds, Virgin Vapor, Keystone Vapor, Vapor Trails, Tasta Vapor, The Vape Kitchen, D & D Vapor, Open Source Vapor (LCC), High Altitude Vapor, Puff-U and many others some with 5 star ratings to produce E Juice with so many flavors to choose from. Amusingly tobacco is less popular among the huge collection of mint, menthol, guava, lime, strawberry, mango, chocolate, blue berry, vanilla custard, Black Cherry, Tropical Lichi, water melon, Caramel Cappuccino, Blue berry cinnamon, Peach, Apple, apricot and many and many more. The E Juice manufacturer show cases their flavors with respective fruit or food items. But unfortunately, all those delicious lucrative names are not for eating but for vaporizing.

What constitute an E juice?

Unlike tobacco cigarette E Juice produces vapor instead of smoke which makes it acceptable in public places where normal smoking is not permitted. It is the only harmful ingredient in the juice. Besides, there is added tobacco or food flavor concentrate and water mixed in a liquid base. There are two main points in determining type and strength of an E juice.

  • E liquid base: There are three organic liquid used as liquid base of the e cig juice. They are namely Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG400).

PG – It is most commonly used due its neutral taste and smell and easy flowing through the tank. PG is widely used E1520 food additive which is also used as solvent in injectable, oral and topical medicines. The vapor output is moderate.

VG – VG is also a E422 type food additive used mainly in sweeteners or for thickening a sweet items like cough syrup, tooth paste etc. It lacks high fluidity but can produce amazing vapors. Due to sweet taste it cannot carry real flavor and taste of vaping as good as PG.

PEG 400 – It is basically a poly ether compound commonly added in tooth paste, mouth fresheners, skin creams and eye drops. PEG is used for vapers who are sensitive to PG.

Most popular E Juices are mixture of 70% PG with 30% VG along with nicotine and food or tobacco flavor specially made for vaping.

  • Nicotine Percentage or Strength:

You should have clear idea about the nicotine level in your E juice. Look for a supplier that provides high quality liquid displaying nicotine contents per ml. Here is a list for your reference –

  1. 0 mg/ml Nicotine means there is no nicotine at all in the E liquid mixture. It is just for oral fixation and not for addiction.
  2. 6 mg/ml Nicotine is the softest nicotine containing e juice.
  3. 12 mg/ml Nicotine is also in the lower end of nicotine strength.
  4. 18 mg/ml Nicotine is for mid level vapers.
  5. 24 mg/ml Nicotine is for strong vaping. Former heavy smokers enjoy this level.
  6. 36 mg/ml Nicotine is the highest nicotine concentration offered for hard core smokers by some companies.

Choose the right E Juice which contains Nicotine strength within your comfortable limit.

The Best E Liquid



There are a lot of rumors, which are going around the news whether the E-liquid is toxic or even poisonous. According to American E Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), which studies E liquid, these are not electrically charged liquid but are a simple juice, which can be used in the cartridge or in the tank. Only few drops are needed and can be enjoyed up to several hours. There are companies, which sell E cigarettes along with E liquids.

What do you mean by E Liquid?

E liquid is a fundamental part of the electronic cigarettes. E liquid generally consists of three primary ingredients like Nicotine, Diluent, and other flavoring used to give strength to the E liquid. These are needed by all kinds of pre-filled cartomizers as well as the fluid tanks. The strength of the E liquid depends on the nicotine, which is contained by the fluid. The market of E liquid is growing fast and ha a positive potential.

  • Nicotine: This agent stimulates the cigarette and is the substance, which makes you addicted to the cigarettes. It can also be available in platinum and titanium ice fluids.
  • Flavoring: since nicotine does not have any taste therefore, it is important to have flavor in E liquids. There are wide range of flavors you can choose from like gold standards etc.
  • Diluents: This adds to the vapor, which is inhaled which helps in transporting the flavor and also the nicotine from the electronic cigarettes. It gives a sensation of the throat hit and also gives the correct strength to the E cigarettes.

List of best E- liquids

When you are in mood to enjoy good quality E cigarettes you need a very good E liquid. You can have E cigarette without the E liquid but the real taste and amazing flavor comes with the use of E liquid. Here are some of the good brands from which you can select good quality of e cigarettes.

  • VaporFi E liquids
  • Halo E cig Liquid
  • Southbeach E liquids
  • Vaporboost E liquids
  • Liquid ID
  • Apollo E liquids
  • Virgin Vapor E cig liquid
  • Crystal Canyon E cig Liquids
  • Mt Baker E cig liquid





Some of the common diluents used in the E cigarettes

  • Propylene Glycol: This is a high quality of pharmaceutical grade. It helps in diluting the mixture with correct amount of viscosity and also gives the throat hit to the user. It is a combination of nicotine and flavors. There is approximately eighty percent of Propylene Glycol and around twenty percent of glycerin.
  • Vegetable Glycerin: In its raw form, this is a thick liquid. It helps in producing greater amount of vapor and gives a little sweetness to the cigarette. It contains eighty percent of Propylene Glycol whereas 20 percent of glycerin.
  • Aqueous Glycerin: This high pharmaceutical grade is diluted with the de-ionised water with correct viscosity in order to avoid the thickness.